Abraham Says, "This Will Put You In The Vortex!"

Abraham, over the last year or so, has helped us to understand the value of raising our vibration to match that of our Source, and now, they have given us a tool a simple and easy to use tool to help us do just that. This CD will get you in the Vortex! I swear, it will do the work for you!


This is the original source material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world, and it is the 21st century inspiration for thousands of books, films, essays and lectures that are responsible for the current paradigm shift in consciousness.

Here you will find accurate clarification of the basics of the Law of Attraction and practical applications as well as up-to-the-moment leading-edge expanding information regarding the Law of Attraction. (Also known as "The Teachings of Abraham")

This is the fountainhead of the information upon which the hit movie, "The Secret" was based.



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